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Family Spirit

La PrimillaLa Primilla is a family business specialized in wine making for more than half a century.

After a difficult beginning, La Primilla has managed to adapt its machinery and structure to the current requirements but always retaining the essence and authenticity of the early years. That know-how has been passed down from through generations, and that gives its personality and legitimacy to the wines produced.

The hard work of its owners has consolidated the image of refinement and elegance which today flaunts the wines of Lagar La Primilla.



How to make wine?

1) The Winery


2) Vineyard


3) Harvesting the grapes


4) Collecting the grapes


5) The press of squeezing the grapes


6) The jars for storing the wine


7) The fermentacion


8) The wine!


9) All products made from grapes


To learn more about making wine, visit us!

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