Amontillado Wine

This a elegant wine which ranges from dark yellow to old gold in colour. Its aromas are similar to hazelnut aromas on the palate; more poignant than the Fino wine. This is a dry wine while light and smooth in the mouth with well-balanced acidity. Its flavor combines harmoniously finesse and old age.



  • Type: Amontillado wine
  • 22 % Alcohol
  • Grapes used: Pedro Ximénez and Montepila
  • Serving temperature: Between 10 º and 12 º C

It is the outcome of exposing a Fino wine to an oxidative aging for many years. The fine remains its distinctive "velo de flor" (veil of flor yeast) as long as it is replenished with wine from recenter vintage wine (criaderas y soleras system). If it is stopped with the "spray" of new way, the veil of flor begins to fade and it will be culminated in the birth of the Amontillado wine.

It is an excellent companion for any salty snack such as cheese, olives or almonds. Also it can be paired with any type of beef, chicken or rabbit. Classically it was served with soups and consommé.