Tinaja Wine 5L

This wine retains the characteristics of newly fermented wines. Bright straw color, aromas of fruit, freshness on the palate, varietal fragrance and a slight persistence of carbon makes the wine jar attractive, elegant, genuine and gentle.



  • Type: New wine of Tinaja
  • Bag-in-Box with 5 Liter!
  • Grapes used: Pedro Ximénez and Montepila
  • 14,5% alcohol
  • Serving suggestions: Serve at 8º – 10º C. 

The variety of grapes Pedro Ximénez is extremely rich in natural sugars, which means that this wines naturally reach strength of up to 14 degrees, without needing any alcohol to be added to increase the strength.

The making of this wine begins with a careful breeding of white grapes Pedro Ximénez, predominant in the property, and interspersed with a smaller amount of Montepila dominant in the area too.

Ripened grapes are delicately transported from the vineyards of the property to the winery. Therefore the high temperatures of the countryside can be avoided and the quality of the grapes is not deteriorated. Once there is ground for modern clusters procedures obtained the must is transferred to fermentation deposit at controlled temperatures.

After that, the wine will stand in the vasts where the fermentation takes place. This way of fermentation is called veil of flor and it is a sole and exclusive property of the wines from this area.

It is a wine designed to enjoy your free time, with friends. It is revealed as a young wine, appetizer and expressive. It is the perfect accompaniment for salads, seafood, fish, white meat and rice. Ideal for pasta dishes and medium consistency courses, such as vegetable stews.

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